Exciting Times at Continuuity

Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard was the Executive Vice President, Sales & Business Development at Cask, where he was responsible for all relationships and go-to-market initiatives through our direct and indirect channels. Tom has over 25 years of experience in enterprise software and has held executive positions at Pentaho, OpenSpan, JBoss, and Bluestone Software.

Tom Leonard
Please note: Continuuity is now known as Cask, and Continuuity Reactor is now known as the Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP).
These are very exciting times at Continuuity as we have aggressively ramped up our go-to-market and hiring efforts in 2014. In a short period of time, we are experiencing strong momentum across leading telco and financial services enterprise customers, as well as with many leading channel partners (OEMs, service providers and technology partners).

We continue to hire outstanding talent and continue to push differentiated and disruptive products to market in this fast-growing, ever-evolving Hadoop ecosystem. Continuuity Reactor 2.1 was made generally available in early March 2014 and just a couple of weeks later at the Gigaom Structure Data conference in NYC, we announced the availability and open-sourcing of Continuuity Loom, a cluster management software platform that manages clusters on public and private clouds (more on this at a later date).

To support our growing momentum with enterprises and partners alike, the Continuuity team is very excited to announce that we are now a Certified Technology Partner of both Cloudera and Hortonworks – the two leading Hadoop distributions in the market. Continuuity Reactor 2.1 is officially certified and tested on Cloudera Hadoop Distribution (CDH5) and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP2). We want Reactor to work seamlessly with Cloudera and Hortonworks’ Hadoop deployments in the enterprise to make it easier for developers to integrate Reactor with these existing Hadoop distributions.

This milestone is very important to Continuuity as it further validates the core value propositions that Reactor provides to your Hadoop distribution of choice:

  • Recognized as the industry’s first purpose-built application server for Apache HadoopTM, Continuuity is focused on the full data and application lifecycle for Hadoop initiatives, from Data Lake ingestion to running real-time applications. Hence, we sit right on top of CDH5 and HDP2 – now certified!
  • Continuuity is very focused on Java developers and enabling them to be highly relevant across the Hadoop ecosystem. How? Reactor abstracts the complexity of the many Hadoop components (HBase, HDFS, etc.), which allows the developer to focus exclusively on the application code being developed, without domain knowledge of Hadoop.
  • By accomplishing the above, Reactor greatly broadens the Big Data developer base within organizations of all sizes and accelerates time-to-market / time-to-value with the operationalizing and monetizing of your Big Data initiatives.

Continuuity Reactor is the application server for Hadoop. It actively enables your Big Data technology stack (or reference architecture) to efficiently and rapidly develop Big Data applications. Reactor has enabled many Big Data application use cases such as the following: network analytics, fraud detection, consumer intelligence, geospatial and location, social media and sentiment, and many others.

We congratulate Cloudera and Hortonworks for their tremendous success to date. We are thrilled to be recognized as a Certified Technology Partner for CDH5 and HDP2 respectively and to be part of their growing ecosystem of partners.

To get going with Continuuity, download the Reactor 2.1 SDK today and visit the developer documentation to start building applications on CDH5, HDP2 or Apache Hadoop.

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