Countdown to HBaseCon 2015

Gary Helmling was a software engineer at Cask and is an Apache HBase committer and Project Management Committee (PMC) member. Prior to Cask, Gary led the development of Hadoop and HBase applications at Twitter, TrendMicro, and Meetup.

Conference season is in full swing, and we at Cask could not be more excited about the upcoming HBaseCon 2015 on May 7th in San Francisco!  This is the fourth annual Apache HBase™ community conference, and a chance for us to share the latest developments from our open source Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP).  While we attend and participate in many conferences, HBaseCon holds a special place for us.  Our company founders started building businesses around HBase from very early on, quickly learned to appreciate the collaborative and supportive HBase community, and soon started to play a key role in its development.

To this date, HBaseCon remains one of the best ways of connecting with that community.  For both new and long time users of HBase, it offers a unique opportunity to interact with project committers and contributors, to trade experiences with other HBase users both large and small, and to explore the widening ecosystem being built around HBase itself.  For us at Cask, HBaseCon offers an opportunity to deepen our own connection with the community, and we are proud to be a Gold sponsor for the event.

This year we are also proud to be presenting two sessions at HBaseCon.  The first describes a real world, production system built on HBase and CDAP to provide guaranteed event processing in an unreliable world.  The second showcases some of the building blocks CDAP provides on top of HBase, and how these both leverage and extend HBase’s capabilities. 


I. Near real-time event processing with guaranteed delivery of HTTP callbacks

presented by Poorna Chandra (Cask) and Alan Steckley (

Use Cases track, 5pm – 5:40pm

At Salesforce, we are building a new service, code-named Webhooks, that enables our customers’ own systems to respond in near real-time to system events and customer behavioral actions from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The application should process millions of events per day to address the current needs and scale up to billions of events per day for future needs, so horizontal scalability is a primary concern. In this talk, we will discuss how Webhooks is built using HBase for data storage and CDAP, an open source framework for building applications on Hadoop.


II. Reusable Data Access Patterns with CDAP Datasets

presented by Gary Helmling (Cask)

Development & Internals track, 4:10pm – 4:50pm

In this talk, you’ll learn about Datasets, a core part of CDAP, which provide reusable implementations of common data access patterns. We will also look at how Datasets provide a set of common services that extend the capabilities of HBase: global transactions for multi-row or multi-table updates, read-less increments for write-optimized counters, and support for combined batch and real-time access.


If you are already attending HBaseCon, be sure to check out our talks for more about how CDAP can help you build applications with HBase, and stop by our booth in the sponsors’ hall for a chance to talk with more of the developers.

If you are not yet registered for HBaseCon, be sure to register now at!  You only have two weeks left before the HBase event of the year.  The only thing you will regret is missing it.


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