Happy Holidays from Cask – 2015 Roundup

Jonathan Gray, Founder & CEO of Cask, is an entrepreneur and software engineer with a background in open source and data. Prior to Cask, he was at Facebook working on projects like Facebook Messages. At startup Streamy, Jonathan was an early adopter of Hadoop and HBase committer.

As 2015 comes to a close, we wanted to reflect back on what a productive, crazy-busy and fun year it’s been. Starting with you, all of the people that have supported Cask by downloading CDAP, providing feedback, coming to our meetups and events, and building cool stuff on the platform – thanks for your support and happy holidays.

In just the last 12 months we’ve released 4 minor versions and one major update of CDAP, starting with the release of 2.8.0 in March and culminating with v3.2.2 that will be released soon. Between all of our launches and new development we’ve had hackathons, tradeshows and new customers keeping us busy. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the major milestones from this year:

Cloudera Partnership Announcement (2/12)

We kicked off the year with our announcement of a development and product partnership with Cloudera. With this partnership, Cloudera and Cask will focus on ensuring the future development roadmaps of the two companies are aligned. Cloudera also provided a strategic investment in Cask.

CDAP 3.0 Launched (5/5)

  • v3.0 introduced a redesigned user interface for CDAP. This new design has specific sections for different user roles and responsibilities.
  • It also included application templates, which are accelerators for solving common problems using Hadoop.
  • Plus lots more!

Conferences and Events

We kicked off the conference circuit this year with Strata in San Jose. Then, starting in May, we went on the road to tell the latest CDAP story. Some of the bigger conferences we sponsored and presented at include:

We launched the Big Data Application Meetup to help further grow the big data community. Starting in June with the first meetup, the group has met every other month since on a variety of big data topics and with speakers from all walks of the big data ecosystem. Check out the archive site to see videos and slides from the past meetups and join the group or RSVP for the next meetup to join the fun.

Internship Program (Summer)

For the 3rd year running we invited a few good interns to come work at Cask HQ for the summer. Check out what they did in their blog posts!

More Software Launches

CDAP 3.1 Launched (8/7)

  • Extended support of Spark
  • Added support for MapR
  • Additional platform enhancements

CDAP 3.2 Launched (9/24)

  • Hydrator launch
  • Significant metadata enhancements
  • Auditing features including computing lineage

Series B Funding (11/5)

November brought about a major milestone in the development of Cask. We announced a $20m series B funding led by Safeguard Scientifics and added two new board members. Funding will go to scale up all areas of Cask, with a focus on go-to-market resources.

So that’s our year in review! We had a great time making it all happen and are super excited about the prospects for Cask in 2016. Stay tuned for many fun things we have lined up for next year including:

  • CDAP version 4.0
  • Hydrator – 2.0
  • New CDAP applications
  • Interns version 2016
  • And much, much, more!

Thanks and have a safe and fun New Year!

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