The Next Wave in Big Data – Data Hulk, Introducing Cask Hulk Hydrator

Nitin Motgi is Founder and CTO of Cask, where he is responsible for developing the company's long-term technology, driving company engineering initiatives and collaboration. 

Prior to Cask, Nitin was at Yahoo! working on a large-scale content optimization system externally known as C.O.R.E.

Big Data, Mobile and Cloud are the mega-trends of this decade. In order to realize the ultimate value of data, we at Cask have been conceptualizing and building a unique s1.jpgystem that brings all these three mega-trends together. In the ecosystem of never-changing technologies of Mobile & Hadoop, you need internet-grade pipeline management system. At Cask, we have been working on a secret project to build a fully-disparate, hulk data management platform that provides great insights, visibility and prevents un-reliability through mobile device working with Cloud. We looked at multiple systems that exist in the ecosystem and found none that could be used the problem that we were looking to solve. So, we built the Cask Hulk Hydrator.


Hulk Hydrator is a code-free, hands-free, bug-free, and mouse-free big data mobile framework and interface for building hulk-sized pipelines for big data running in the Cloud. It is 100% ope4.pngn-source and is licensed under Apache 2.0 license. At its core, this solution uses the quantum entanglement principle. By looking at the various aspects of the system as a whole instead of independently, the system is able to instantly determine the value of data for business and provide immediate actionable insights. It combines the power of Cloud and Big Data with Mobile interfaces that businesses can use to enhance existing business process or create new revenue streams.


  • Intuitive mobile-first drag-and-drop integrations with Hadoop and Cloud storage

  • 3.png

    Comprehensive collection of connectors to multiverses, multi-dimensions and holographic universal connectors

  • Extreme global, cloud orchestration capabilities to coordinate and combine your data at speeds faster than light, combined with ability to notify and monitor complex data flows

  • Tachyons and machos to provide enterprise grade job coordination within workflows

Accessible to smart audience

Delivers governed multi-verse cloud pipelines, on-demand wormhole pipelines to data scientists, data engineers and analysts in an agile manner.


  • Seamless mobile based self-service integration solutions for transporting, agitating and enriching tachyons at large scale

  • Consistent support for conversion from batch to real-time hulk pipelines and vice-versa without loss of energy

  • Automatic creation and publishing of new hulk pipelines to drive faster and more reliable analytics insights into business

  • Seamless Integration with Voyager 1 & 2 data services making datasets immediately available to reports and applications
  • Hulk Dehydrator – Integration with advanced analytics to create data black holes to make data disappear intelligently without user intervention

Enterprise Ready Data Hulk Initiatives

Goes beyond data black holes to scalable and flexible management for end-to-end hulk pipelines with enterprise capabilities


  • Enterprise-grade security to Einstein Rosen bridge through LDAP, JSAPI and Active Directory integration

  • Enhanced management through integration with extensions like Cask Tracker to track data and Metadata across time boundaries

  • Distribution and Deployment Agnostic Hulk pipelines across universes. Enables moving from single universe to multiverse and back, change to a different dimension or switch neutrinos for running hulk pipelines

  • Enterprise grade customer support with best in-class services and training


We believe that such a system will help solve a lot of problems in the big data space and immediately make any data that you have relevant to optimize your business. More details about how all this works is available on our website and github repo for connectors is at


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