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Gary Helmling was a software engineer at Cask and is an Apache HBase committer and Project Management Committee (PMC) member. Prior to Cask, Gary led the development of Hadoop and HBase applications at Twitter, TrendMicro, and Meetup.

Countdown to HBaseCon 2015

Conference season is in full swing, and we at Cask could not be more excited about the upcoming HBaseCon 2015 on May 7th in San Francisco!  This is the fourth annual Apache HBase™ community conference, and a chance for us to share the latest developments from our open source Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP).  While … Read more

Meet Tephra, An Open Source Transaction Engine

Please note: Continuuity is now known as Cask, and Continuuity Reactor is now known as the Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP). Our platform, Continuuity Reactor, uses several open source technologies in the Apache HadoopTM ecosystem to enable any developer to build data applications. One of the major components of our platform is Apache HBase, a … Read more