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Countdown to HBaseCon 2015

Conference season is in full swing, and we at Cask could not be more excited about the upcoming HBaseCon 2015 on May 7th in San Francisco!  This is the fourth annual Apache HBase™ community conference, and a chance for us to share the latest developments from our open source Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP).  While … Read more

Deploying CDAP packages from source via Coopr


Developing features for CDAP follows a similar workflow as working on many projects. Developers have their local checkout of the source, make modifications in a feature branch, build and test locally on their development machines, push their branch, and submit a pull request for code review. During this process, developers build CDAP clusters (for testing) … Read more

We are now Cask

Today we officially announced that Continuuity is changing our name to Cask. Since founding the company in 2011, we have been focused on providing developers in the Hadoop ecosystem with simple access to powerful technology. While we began with a proprietary software development and licensing model, we understood from the beginning that reaching developers and … Read more